Welcome to Suzanne Logan Dance

Welcome to the official website for Suzanne Logan School of Dance.

We are a dance school, based in Worthing, dedicated to the community and the love of dancing. We specialise in Ballet, Tap, Modern and Jazz dance. If you would like more information please get in touch.

Please check out our Facebook and Twitter pages for more discussion/polls/debates about new costumes, dance ideas and updates on class and rehearsal times!
Pages monitored by Ciara and Therese Wynn-Davies.




 Terms & Conditions – Suzanne Logan Dance

  • Class fees are charged every half term in advance
  • Payment is due within 10 days from start of half term, or date of notification; whichever is the later.
  • Late payment will be subject to a 10% surcharge
  • No reductions or refunds are made in respect of missed classes
  • A half term period of notice is required OR immediate notice subject to payment of half term fee, equivalent to 5 weeks
  • Fees for private lessons must be paid on or before date of lesson; late payment will be subject to a £1.00 surcharge
  • If private lesson cancelled with less than 36 hours’ notice full payment is due.
  • All other fees/charges must be paid within agreed timescale
  • Any changes to terms & conditions must be notified in writing
  • Participation in any class implies acceptance of terms & conditions.


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